How to go from the airport to Shanghai


Day 2: Paris - Shanghai (How to get from the airport to Shanghai)

How to get money in China

One of the first things that we have to take into account or have to plan is how to get money in China, because although it seems simple and easy, it involves some points that we must take into account.
- Although this does not happen in all banks, before traveling to China it is advisable to notify your bank since there are some that have to activate the cards so you can both pay and get money there.
- The same happens if you have to pass a receipt from China, for example to pay for a service with the travel agency, for a show ... etc. There are some banks that directly block these transactions, so it is worth checking with the bank and thus making sure that all charges will be made just like all the cards you need will be operational in China.
- We always advise to get money directly from the cashier in the country of destination since high commissions are avoided and the change of day is obtained. In our case we have been charged 13 euros for each cash withdrawal we have made.
- ATMs in China, at least those that we have used, only allow 5000RMB to be drawn at a time, so you will have to carry out several operations in case you want to get more money.

With the issue of money already settled and some yuan in our pocket, we go in search of what will be our transport to the city center, of which we have recorded all the data in our planning on how to get from the airport to Shanghai. In our case we have opted for the Maglev Train option plus the subway, an option that we really wanted to try for being a whole novelty in a matter of speed.

How to get from the airport to Shanghai - Hotel Shanghai Fish Inn East Nanjing Road

From Shanghai Pudong International Airport (50 kilometers):
- Taxi: Journey of more or less an hour. Price: 200RMB (From 11 at night to 5 in the morning a 30% surcharge must be added)
- Subway: Take subway line 2 to East Nanjing Road Station.
- Maglev train, to Long Yang Road Station (50RMB) and then connect with subway line 2 to East Nanjing Road Station (9RMB).
- Airport Bus: Another option is to take the Airport Bus Line 2 from Pudon Airport Station to City Terminal Station (城市 航站楼 站). From here you must walk to JingAn Temple Station and take Metro Line 2 to East NanJing Road Station. (Exit through exit 2 or 6). This would be the longest option, taking about 2 and a half hours.
- Private Transfer: The most convenient and quick option would be to hire a private transfer service between the airport and Shanghai.

In our case we have opted for the Maglev Train option, which as we said before, we wanted to try, and when a few minutes past 6 in the afternoon, between one thing and another it has been more than an hour since we left the KLM plane, and we got on the second floor of the Arrivals Terminal of the airport, from where the Maglev Train leaves.