50 symptoms that betray that you are addicted to travel


There are probably several things in your behavior that give you away. Probably, if we asked your family and closest friends, they would say that you are obsessed. We are sure that if we could look at your house or in your backpack, we would have no doubts. You really don't know what we are talking about? Keep reading and discover with us the 50 symptoms that betray that you are addicted to travel.

1. You look at your passport every so often, turning the pages little by little, like someone in front of a very valuable book, hundreds of years old.
2. You know by heart, much better than your parents' phone numbers, travel insurance phone numbers, embassies and any other service that has to do with travel.
3. You carry in your wallet, minimum, 3 coins from different countries.
4. Any conversation you have, whatever it is, will end up drifting, as if by magic, on some trip.
5. The greatest fear of your friends is to see you the day after arriving on a trip. They know it will be their intensive session.
6. You prefer a plane ticket to anything else in the world. And when we say anything, we mean anything.
7. If the world ended tomorrow, you would surely be caught traveling.
8. You relate any amount to something related to travel. A dinner = a low cost flight. A t-shirt = a dinner in any European city. A car = a round the world for two years. A flat, do you really want me to compare the price of a flat with something related to travel?

11. You have found yourself, on many occasions, dreaming of being on a trip. And it usually happens while you are working.
12. You have thought (and on more than one occasion), leave everything and live traveling.
13. "If life gives you lemons, you always make trips."
14. You can thank at least 5 languages.
15. You have converted several travel blogs into your characters favorites.
16. You have a list of all the pending destinations you want to go to before you die, although the latter is sure that it will not be an impediment to continue traveling.
17. You have made friends all over the world and that is how they say «Everyone smiles in the same language».
18. You always have a backpack ready. You never know when you'll have to go on a trip.
19. More than once you are surprised emulating the grandfather battalions with that of «To me once, being in ...».
20. You have thought, and on more than one occasion, ask for a travel credit. Especially after seeing how easy it is with Currency Now.
With them you can ask for 750 to 5000 euros, to return up to 36 months, through a super fast process, completely online, personal and also without the need to present payroll or endorsement. Easier impossible, don't you think?

Tikal Guatemala

48. You have mounted on the most unlikely transport you could imagine.
49. You have or have thought about creating a travel blog.
50. You firmly believe that life without traveling is not life. In short: you are a real travel addict.

If you feel like helping us complete the list of symptoms that betray that you are addicted to travel, add yours in the comments.

** This article is written as part of a collaboration with Monedo Now, but always based on our experiences, with original content and without any brand having influenced us in any case.