The best free tours in Spanish in Europe


More and more cities have free tours in spanish Among his most hired and best valued excursions. These guided tourist routes, which do not have a pre-established rate, have become a perfect option through which you can get to know the most famous places while learning the history, anecdotes and legends of the city.
In addition we can not forget something very important and is that free tours they are a perfect way to save on your trip, since the price is the Will. Of course, as much as it is, try scratch your pocket a little and to have goodwill to value a good guide and that best free tours in Spanish in Europe They still exist.

All the specific data of the free tours, such as their duration, meeting point, ways of booking ... etc you can find them in each of the links that lead to free tours in spanish.

Free tour of Amsterdam Free!

Known for being one of the most open cities in the world, Amsterdam is also a city that never disappoints. Channels, flowers, places full of charm and terraces to sit on to enjoy watching life go by, are just some of the many things that await you in this amazing city.

Amsterdam free tour itinerary

Starting at the Train Station, east free tour of Amsterdam You will continue through Zeedijk Street until you reach the Oudekerk Church, the oldest in the city of Amsterdam and the point where the Red Light District begins, one of the most controversial locations in the city.
From here you will continue the journey into the Chinatown, and then continue through Nieuwmarkt, the Jewish Quarter, where Rembrandt's house and the Waterlooplein flea market are located, and then reach the Flower Market, one of the most iconic points and beautiful city.
He free tour of Amsterdam in Spanish It will end in Dam Square, another of the best known places in the city, where you can not stop making hundreds of photos, which will be one of the many memories of your trip to the city.

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Free tour of Berlin Free!

Berlin, a city in constant evolution after its destruction in World War II, is known as the city ​​of a thousand faces, besides being one of the most visited destinations in Europe and a place, with one of the most heartbreaking stories in the world.

Free itinerary tour of Berlin

The route of this free tour of Berlin in Spanish Start in the Lusgarten Gardens, on Museum Island, where after learning about the city's history and many details, you will continue the itinerary to Bebelplatz, a place known for the famous book burning that took place during Nazism .
You will continue the tour of the city until you reach Checkpoint Charlie, another of the iconic places of the city and continue to the Berlin Wall, where you will continue to know details of the history of the city, until you reach the
Holocaust Memorial and then continue to Unter den Linden.
He free tour of Berlin It will end at the Brandenburg Gate, one of the most famous and emblematic points of the city.

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Piazza Navona

Free tour of St. Petersburg Free!

Essential city if you travel to Russia, St. Petersburg is also known as the Venice of the north or The window to Europe because of its geographical location, besides being a