Tips for traveling to South Africa


We are sure that if you are reading this post it is for want travel to South Africa Soon or you may already have the tickets and are looking for information about this amazing destination. Whatever the reason, what we can anticipate is that a trip to South Africa is as special and intense as all the places you will know and that we are sure, will become some of the unforgettable moments of your traveling life.
Although making a route through South Africa for free is perfectly feasible, as well as recommended, it is also true that there is not much information about the organization of the trip in Spanish, so after our experience, we want to leave you a series of tips for traveling to South Africa , which we hope will help you with the travel arrangements.

Best time to travel to South Africa

If you have specific dates to travel to South Africa, do not worry as we would dare to say that any time is good to travel to the rainbow nation. If this is not the case and you can choose dates, before deciding when to travel to South Africa, it is important to consider certain details, such as the activities you want to do or your tastes, to determine the best time to travel.

  • High Season: Includes the months of December to March, at which time there are many more people in the tourist places, especially at Christmas and Easter, which are also the times when prices soar.
    If you want to travel on these dates, it is advisable to book the accommodation well in advance, especially in national parks such as the Kruger, taking into account that there are even people who do it one year in advance.
    It should be borne in mind that although it is high season, the weather is not always the best, since they are usually the wettest months of the year.
  • Mid season: The months of April and May, in addition to October and November, are the months that are included in the middle season in South Africa, being suitable for wildlife observation, since it is the time when the first and Autumn and with them also the good weather typical of these dates.
  • Low Season: From June to September winter arrives in South Africa and with it the low season in the country, at which time the prices are cheaper and the ideal time for wildlife observation also begins.
    Although the weather is usually optimal, keep in mind that it is usually a rainy season in the Cape Town area.

Visa to travel to South Africa

If you are Spanish, in order to enter South Africa you will need a valid passport with at least two blank pages and its expiration date must be at least 30 days after the date of departure from the country.
By having Spanish nationality you are exempt from a tourist visa for up to 90 days, provided that your passport meets the above conditions.

We recommend you always look at the website of Exteriors to check this data as they may change.

Transportation in South Africa

Although you could travel to South Africa considering making the route by public transport, according to our experience, it is best to choose to rent a car and if necessary, as we have done, on the flight from Port Elizabeth to Durban, make some internal flight between areas where you don't want to visit.

Rental car in South Africa

In our case, as we mentioned before, we have made the entire route of this trip to South Africa by rental car, something that has allowed us total freedom of movement and schedules and at the same time and after the experience, realize That is the best way to travel to South Africa.
Being an extensive topic, we wanted to dedicate practically a complete article that you can read in the post car rental in South Africa.

Zuccini Restaurant

Tsitrus Cafe: This lovely little restaurant on Storms River is one of the most recommended in the area, where we ordered a special dish of the house, pizza, water and