How to get from Vienna airport to downtown


This guide on how to get from Vienna airport to downtown It will help you find the most comfortable and fastest option to get to your hotel from this amazing city.
Vienna International Airport or Schwechat, located 18 kilometers southeast of the city, is well connected to the center by train, bus, taxi and private transport, so the transfer time will be very short. In addition the two terminals of the airport are so close that you can walk from one to the other.

Based on the experience of the days we spent in the city during our trip to Austria, we show you the best ways to do the transfer from the airport to the center of Vienna. We start!


The fastest way to get to the Wien Mitte central station, located in the center of Vienna, is to take the City Airport Train (CAT) It takes 16 minutes to complete the tour. This direct train, which operates between 6 am and 11:30 pm, costs 12 euros and has a frequency of 30 minutes. In addition to saving time, the train has extra space for luggage, plugs and Wifi. Another of the peculiarities of using this company is that before boarding the train back you can check your bags at the same Wien Mitte station, saving you the lines at the airport check-in.

A cheaper option to get to Wien Mitte station than the CAT is the train line Schnellbahn S7 It costs 4 euros and takes 25 minutes, when making several intermediate stops. These trains operate between 4: 30h and 00: 00h and have a frequency of 30 minutes.

The third alternative to go by train from Vienna airport to the center is to take the Intercity express It has the same price as the S7 and stops at Wien Meidling and Wien Mitte.

You can save a few euros on train tickets by taking the joint ticket that includes round trip.

Another recommendation is to book a centrally located hotel not far from the central train station, so as not to waste much time on commuting. We were staying at the Hotel Capricorn, which in addition to one of the best quality / price ratios in the city, is 700 meters from Wien Mitte station and 100 meters from the Schwedenplatz underground stop. In this stop you can also take the U1 line and especially the U4, which links to the central train station, Wien Mitte.

Transfer from Vienna airport to downtown

Private transport

Among all the above, the most comfortable option to take you directly from the airport to the door of your hotel is to book this private transfer, in which a driver will wait for you at the exit of the terminal, carrying a sign with your name. The journey time is approximately 20 minutes, depending on the traffic and the situation of the hotel.
The price in a 3-seater tourism is 45 euros and in an 8-seater vehicle, 75 euros.


At the exit of the arrivals terminal you can take a taxi that will take you to the city center for a price of between 30 and 40 euros, depending on your final destination.
If you opt for this option, we always recommend taking the or Google Maps application on your mobile to see that the taxi follows the logical route from the Vienna airport to the center and does not take any more turns than normal.

Once you are in Vienna, you can prepare your routes around the city with these personalized guides according to the days you have: